LBS students? There is more than Baker Street or St John’s Wood

Don’t self-limit yourself to Baker Street/Marylebone or St John’s Wood!

The easy decision for LBS students is to choose Baker Street/Marylebone or St John’s Wood. It might be due to the famous FOMO – be close to the school and as many students as possible. After 2 or 3 months, there are so many complaints: the flats are old even if the rent you would pay is in the highest end in London, nurseries are expensive (between £2,000 and £5,000 a month), food and restaurants are expensive, the flat is 25 minutes by walk from a tube station. After the first year, most of the students living in those areas will move to another neighboorhood.

Be open-minded! There are so many areas that are amazing, like Islington/Angel, West Hampstead, Maida Vale, and Camden. You can be 20-25 minutes door-to-door to LT1 by living in one of those areas, with the advantage of having better amenities, better deals in your everyday life and avoid the need of moving to a new place for your 2nd year at LBS.

These are just a few neighborhoods. You can use our free concierge services to discover flats and neighboorhood in a very easy way.


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