Steps to find your home sweet home


Here are some steps you can use to find your property.

Step #1 – Get Prepared

  • Your requirements – know what you want
  • Picture and have a description of your dream home
  • Be ready for the reference check, it will help you secure the place you will love. For LBS students, paying 6 months in advance is an alternative to provide proof of work and/or guarantees

Step #2 – Search for the right property

Step #3 –  Secure the place you fancy!

  • Negotiate with the landlord or agent on what you can. Up to 20% off the listed rental price is possible
  • Make an offer & complete the reference check
  • Before signing any reservation and making a reservation payment, write down your requirements – this is an important step
  • Complete & sign all required documentation and the lease agreement.

Step #4 – Organize and settle in

  • Identify removal firms and cleaning services etc. and negotiate with all of them
  • Organise parking if needed
  • Do an inventory check
  • Arrange and set up of your required utilities; gas, electric, Internet etc

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