Why Andrew bought a 2-bed property in Blackheath, London for under £600k (and why you might too)

When searching for a new property to either rent or buy, you will certainly have an extensive list of requirements unique to your specific situation. It can seem overwhelming to sift through hundreds of properties, in a seemingly endless effort to find the perfect home that ticks all your boxes. At SearchSmartly, our smart property search tool is designed to help you solve this very problem, prioritising your matches by just how well they fit your unique “must-haves”. Here we’ll be exploring how Andrew, one of our users, managed to find the perfect home to buy.

Andrew is a management consultant looking to buy his first property with his partner. They are considering starting a family soon, and that’s one of the things that is top of mind for the couple in their search. Andrew wants to live within a 45-minute cycle to his workplace in London Bridge. Ideally, the property would be somewhere south of the river so that he is able to drive down to Kent easily to see his parents, who are keen to be near when the future baby arrives. As a keen runner, it is also important for Andrew to live near green spaces. He has a budget of £600,000. 

Andrew entered his budget, commute and lifestyle needs into the onboarding questionnaire on our website, using the twin commute feature to find locations both convenient to commute to work and to drive to his parents’ house. 

Three examples stood out to Andrew for very different reasons:

1. Tranquil Vale – £575,000

This two-bed property is located right in the heart of Blackheath, a quiet and green commuter town in South East London. Known for its large public green, Blackheath is an ideal location for those looking to stay within a short distance of central London, without compromising on a more relaxed, suburban lifestyle ideal for families. Andrew was particularly drawn to this property as he had not previously considered Blackheath as an area that he could afford, let alone finding a property £25,000 below his budget, giving him some negotiating room. Just a 33-minute cycle from London Bridge, this fit Andrew’s commute requirements, whilst also just taking 36 minutes to drive to his parents in Sevenoaks. Andrew was also drawn to the green just 5 minutes away for his regular runs, whilst the three highly rated primary schools within 10 minutes walk from the home were ideal for his future plans to start a family. 

2. Dowding Drive – £525,000

This property sits in another southeastern suburb, this time just a 15 minute walk away from Kidbrooke Station. Andrew was particularly attracted to how the property overlooked the nature reserve and running track in Sutcliffe Park. With Cator Park less than a mile away also, Andrew was spoilt for choice. From his workplace in London Bridge, this property is just a 43 minute cycle, or 15 minutes on the train from Kidbrooke. The property also sits less than a 10 minute walk away from two primary schools. As a bonus, this flat also offers a 24-hour concierge, gym facilities and underground parking. Finally, Andrew was drawn to the proximity to his parents’ house, at just a 33 minute drive from Sevenoaks. 

3. Thicket Road – £600,000

Coming further south into Crystal Palace, this two-bed property is located right next to Crystal Palace Park, not only perfect for Andrew’s runs but also a family-friendly place with attractions including a playground, an animal farm, maze and museum. This location not only would allow Andrew to cycle to work in 43 minutes or drive to his parents in 59 minutes, Penge West Station is also a 2 minute walk away and conveniently on the overground, allowing quick links into central London. With parking and a communal garden, this property ticked a lot of boxes. 

After much deliberation with his partner and balancing up commute requirements, the prospect of their future family and the need for green spaces, Andrew decided to buy Tranquil Vale, SE3, in Blackheath. Andrew was drawn to Blackheath’s beautiful green, quiet suburban feel and close proximity to central London. We are thrilled that Andrew and his partner were able to find the perfect place to call home, especially in an area that he had never considered within his reach before. If you are looking to relocate, why not use our smart property search tool to uncover a variety of unique options bespoke to your specific needs. Who knows, you may discover new areas you had never even thought of moving to before!

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