The Search Process

This step may be a little daunting but don’t worry, the SearchSmartly website is user friendly and if you remember the tips that we have informed you of on the Starting Your Search page, this process will be a breeze! 

When should I start looking for a house?

Homes are usually advertised 1-2 months before the move-in date. So we’d recommend that you start looking for a house 4-6 weeks before you aim to move in.

On the SearchSmartly site, every property listing has a date from which it is available to move in from. This can range from being available immediately where the property is vacant and ready for a new tenant, to a couple of weeks later where the current tenants have yet to move out before you can move in! The closer you can move to the property’s availability date, the better your offer will seem, as landlords try to avoid periods of time when the house is empty and not generating any income.

Which type of property will be suitable for me?

Here are the different types of homes that are available on the SearchSmartly site. Have a read through the different descriptions to decide which would be most suitable for you and your family.

Private flats/houses: These are self-contained, including kitchens and living rooms. Usually rented through individual landlords, these properties have no bills included in the price (unless stated otherwise). Where they are included, the agent will mention it in the listing description. 

Built to rent (BTR): Built to rent properties do what they say on the tin – they have been built specifically with renters’ needs in mind. These properties often have communal features such as shared social spaces, gyms and a concierge. One major benefit with BTR is that most of them can deal with advance bookings so you can enquire about a property 3 months before your intended move in date. 

Co-living/flatshare: This option allows you to rent a room in a shared property. This option is ideal for those looking to live in a social environment with other housemates. Bills are usually inclusive of utilities and extras.

Short lets: To see these, you’ll need to toggle the short let filter in the search.