Viewing Your Potential Home

This is when you are now able to visit your potential new home and imagine what your new life will be like. Thinking about practical things like space and the local area will help you to make the right choices when shortlisting your favourite homes.

Who will arrange the viewing for me?

After you submit your viewing request we will start working on your application and contact the agent to confirm availability of the property as the property may have gone under offer overnight. Once its availability is confirmed, we will introduce you to the agent via email and they will contact you to arrange a viewing for when it is most convenient for you to visit the property.

Types of viewings 

  • If you are unable to attend the property in person, simply state that in your viewing request and the team will arrange a virtual live tour or provide you with a pre-recorded video so you can make out how the property is currently looking. 
  • Alternatively, you can view the property in person and we can arrange that for you after you submit your viewing request

What should I look out for at the viewings?

Firstly, thinking about how you will lay out your new home will be very useful, and using the floor plans (where available under the property listing) can help you with the measurements and the layout of your furniture.

Think about which area you generally spend most of your time in the house, is it the kitchen or do you prefer spending most of your time in the garden? As well as, is there enough space for my whole family and are there enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own privacy?

The space around your potential home is equally as important to consider. Remember that the SearchSmartly website allows you to view the local facilities on the map and filter them according to your needs and priorities. You can include the key amenities that are most important to you in your search and you will be provided with a range of suitable options.

We have also created a downloadable checklist for you to take on your viewings to help you remember those all-important questions.

What questions should I ask the agent?

Furnished or unfurnished?

Asking the agent if the property comes fully furnished or not is a great question as it could save you quite a lot of money if the basic furniture pieces like sofas, beds and cupboards are provided by the landlord.

Shared areas

Some areas or facilities may be shared if you are looking at studios or shared accommodation which you may not be aware of, so it’s essential to enquire about this when looking around with the agent.

The local area

If you are new to the area, it is always worth asking the agent about the local facilities as well as the types of people that live in the neighbourhood (e.g families, students). 


It’s always worth asking if bills are included in the rent price as this will help you to create a suitable budget for yourself if you are required to pay the bills.