When arriving in London, there are the usual questions such as “what’s the weather really like?”, “what restaurants do the foodies recommend?”, “what are the locals like?”, “where should I live, given my personal needs?”. When we first arrived in London, what we really wanted was a list of the key things to know during our first days and weeks in London. And that’s why we started putting together this blog – to share our learnings as first-time Londoners.

You can find information on the weather here. When it comes to food, check out the LBS Foodie Club to get the best restaurant tips and events. For the people, look around you! London is a truly diverse city and there really is no hard-and-fast rule about the culture here. Actually, nobody talks on the tube. So there’s that.

If you are still looking for a flat, use our free flat-hunting concierge service.

For the “what-I-need-to-know-during-the-first-days-and-weeks”, this blog is the right place! Any questions left unanswered? Leave us a comment and we will work on finding the best answer(s) and share it here!


The SearchSmartly team

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